Weddings, Tie The Knot in Style
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Your special day needs to be just that – special, you will want to make a grand entrance and we guarantee that you will do just that by arriving at your ceremony in a stunning Range Rover Sport.

Effortlessly elegant, luxurious and comfortable, our Range Rover will ensure arrive at your destination, rain, hail or shine.

We offer two wedding options depending on your individual requirements

  • We can offer one, or two vehicles complete with chauffeurs, red carpet, ribbon, cream umbrellas and of course champagne.
  • Alternatively you may want to hire one or two vehicles which will come with ribbon and champagne which you or your family can self-drive on the wedding day.

If you are looking for a wedding car which stands out from the crowd and always draws admiring glances then the Range Rover might be for you.


The Wedding Package

Car To The Ceremony

Getting ready for the ceremony is often stressful, we get this. However that’s where our expertise helps. You will be greeted by a gleaming Range Rover and our uniformed chauffeur, who will naturally open the vehicle door for you, allowing you to enter the sumptuous heated or air conditioned leather interior. Relax, we will have already planned the route with you and listened and acted upon any of your special requirements.

First Married Glass of Champaign

Prior to leaving the ceremony location you can enjoy a well-deserved chilled flute of champagne, with this exact moment often being recorded by your photographer. Sit back, relax and enjoy this special moment and each other’s company, as we whisk you away to your reception in comfort.

Car From Ceremony to Reception

Ribbons fluttering in the wind, our immaculate vehicles wait in the background, while you take centre stage. Our discrete chauffeur or chauffeurs, will be at your disposal to help position the vehicles to ensure your photographer gets the perfect shot.

Car For 1 Hour With Photographer

Unlike many wedding car companies, we only book one wedding per day – yours! This means we have time to work closely with your photographer to get the photos you want. We are nice people to deal with and often receive positive remarks from photographers who are amazed at how accommodating we are.

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